Horseback Riding Polk County

Lovely Fall Trailride Missed seeing the otters this ride. Colt Creek State Park Preserve was not open for Horseback Riding yet so we ended up here. Smooth first day back on the trails  Above link to video of our day Tom accounted for himself very well.

Hunter Pace Tampa Florida

Hunter Pace Tampa Florida  Southcreek Foxhounds puts on a fabulous Hunter Pace.    It was so much fun to let my Tennessee Walking Horse, Moonpie stretch his legs.   Again today we got that nice cool breeze from a little cold front that we were lucky to have in May.   I thank so much … Read more

Horseback Riding Pasco County

Horseback Riding Pasco County Beautiful day riding at Green Swamp West. The weather was brisk with a beautiful breeze.  So nice to have a little bit of rain earlier in the week and having this little cold front come through. Click HERE for Green Swamp West Video Two lovely riders today, both in English saddles. … Read more

Horseback riding Brooksville Florida

Beautiful day on the trails. Cool and breezy. Not every day is sunny in Florida 🙂 Tucker Hill is the name of the trail head that we rode out of today. Beautifully maintained with a beautiful clear water, concrete water trough. The pictures and video of this ride were taken in the Croom forest. Tucker … Read more

Horseback Riding Polk County

Lovely Day for a ride at Hampton tract. Part of the Southwest Water Management District. Many thousands of acres beautiful trail with ponds interspersed throughout. Link to a short video of our ride Sunni appreciated the quality of his rider today. Horseback riding Polk County

Horseback riding Tampa Florida

Lovely day out at Alston tract which crosses the line between Pasco County and Hillsborough county in Florida. Gil Williams Carrie and I had a Great ride! Bushwhacking Ben blazed the trail. Link to a YouTube video click here Above link is a video to our ride today! Horseback riding Tampa Florida

Horseback Riding Tampa Florida

I mentioned with my previous blog post about how beautiful the light was that day. I shared the video that I made with my client. This was her response. Thank you for your kind words. Truly a magical day. Thank you God for a great week.