Horseback Riding Tampa Bay Florida

Susan contacted me for a trail ride not long after Hurricane Irma. It was the first day of rides that I’ve taken since the hurricane came through Florida. 

Horseback riding Tampa
Luke and the View ahead
It was lovely going out with an enthusiastic, quiet, and peaceful person. Intelligent and thoughtful. Very sharing of her big goals and dreams. 
Horseback riding Tampa
DI enjoys the view
It has been some time since she has graced a horse with her presence, but her former experience wrangling did show in how she handled her mount.

Link to video of Oakridge; click here  

Horseback riding Tampa
She dreams of working with horses and humans again, in a very specific form and fashion. 

Horseback riding Tampa
DI in the glow
Horseback riding Tampa

Oakridge looks pretty good. There still some big trees down but for the most part they are easy to circumnavigate with a horse.

Horseback riding Tampa
Parts of Oakridge are very open

Lovely day with a lovely rider. Thank you… 

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