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Cotton Candy Fun!

Joyce Chartier started in 1996 with a little pony party company called Choyce Party Ponies on the Treasure Coast of Florida.  In business for 20 years in 2016. Since then people still flock to a party to see the ponies in action.


Independence Day Fun on the Bun!



Canter thru the fields of Florida with me!



Published on Mar 31, 2013

“In this month’s article, I had the privilege of celebrating a very special woman. Although, I have never met her personally, just glancing at her program touched my heart in a very powerful way. The Internet can be a very useful tool in sharing our life experiences, but only a few people are gifted, in such a way, that their love and devotion for horses and kids comes right off the page and into our hearts. Joyce Chartier, who owns and operates Choyce Acres, is an incredible example of the commitment behind a dream. As I created this video, I had the opportunity to not only see into the life of this program, but to feel the heart of this woman. In every picture I observed, I felt the joy, dedication and the hard work that it takes to actually live out this vision. At first glance, you may see a wonderful riding program, but look closer at the soft hands embracing the reins, the confidence in their connection with horses and by no means, should we discount their ability to ride like the wind. This does not happen over night, this comes from years of training and years of opportunity, learning in a safe, loving, and knowledgeable environment. Through my years of running a riding program, I know what it takes to develop young confident riders. Joyce Chartier is not on the sidelines, but demonstrates a true cowgirl, giving of herself and leading the way by example. You can see the depth of her passion and experience in every picture, spilling over into the lives of those who surround her. Take a few minutes and join me in this inspirational video and enter into one woman’s years of commitment to her dream. “By Christa L. Pynn

You can jump fences too!
2009 Palm Beach Hounds Field Hunter of the Year

Our horses have won 14 barrel saddles over the years

You could fly…


White Wedding Horses for the Indian Baraat.
You can weave these wonderful horses around any ceremony you wish
You can have horses at your wedding or your special event


You can see the bounty of nature from the back of your horse