Horseback Riding ~ Tampa Bay

Oakridge is a lovely shady ride in a little town called Thonatasassa. 

My friend Wendy who is a fabulous massage therapist at  Care Massage wanted to have a treat for her birthday. Totally enjoyed our time spent together.

Wendy rode DI and I was on Ben. 

Planted pine forest and a great mane. 

Riding out into the palmettos. 

Lovely old trees. Perhaps hundreds of years. 

Hope to see you on the trail!

Oakridge Equestrian Entrance directions

Dade City Trail Ride

Horseback riding Tampa Bay Area.

Our last ride of the year. Green Swamp West.

Great bunch of fun loving people that I had the pleasure of enjoying my day with today! 

The weather was absolutely spectacular. Sunshiny and cool.

Thanx for all the giggles and Happy New Year!