Horseback riding Pasco County Florida

Great day for a trail ride
Lovely day out riding with two lovely ladies from Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club. 


For the most part the ride was quiet. We did have to double back because a gator was in the trail.

Video link to our lovely day
Thank you for such a great day.

Light through the trees

The lighting was so lovely at moments that I got some great pictures. 

Horseback riding Pasco county Florida

Great Florida Cattle Drive Reunion Ride

Recently I was very honored and very touched by a request for an interview during the Great Florida Cattle Drive ‘ 17 Reunion Ride. 

This event was held in January at the Florida Agricultural Museum in the Palm Coast of Florida. 

Below is the link.

Horseback riding in Florida
Joyce Chartier, Trail Boss for 2017 and Ben

WFSU is Public Media, PBS, and NPR for Northern Florida and Southern Georgia

Great Florida Cattle Drive Reunion Ride 

Horseback Riding Tampa Florida

Horseback riding Tampa bay Florida
What a view

Horseback riding Tampa Florida

Oakridge is located in  Hillsborough County Florida 

Horseback riding Tampa Bay Florida
The lovely trails of Oakridge

Horseback riding Tampa bay Florida
Some of the oak trees here are huge

Horseback riding Tampa Bay Florida
I had the delight of riding with two lovely young ladies today.

Horseback Riding Tampa Florida

It is such a delight to ride with two young ladies that have such a thirst for learning more. I find that with every ride I learn just a little bit more and I’ve been doing this for 39 years.

My two wonderful riders

You can ride just to ride and blissfully enjoy the scenery as it goes by or you can ride with the idea of getting in some learning and education about horses.

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Horseback riding Tampa Bay Florida

Florida Cracker Trail Association Ride 2016

Beautiful and fun. Short five minute video of some of the highlights of the Florida Cracker Trail Association ride 2016.

Click on the link below to see more. 

Florida Cracker Trail Association Ride 2016

Miss Anne over the Kissimmee River on this Horseback Riding Adventure in Florida.

We are proud to be Americans. 

Great Florida Cattledrive Reunion Ride 2017

Touched and honored. Thank you Manny Alvarez. 

This event will be hosted by the Florida Agricultural Museum. I have had the pleasure of camping there over the months mapping the trails and look forward to meeting new people and visiting family and friends. 

Mapping the trails at the Florida Agricultural Museum
This ride will lead up to the 2021 Cattle Drive honoring the 500 year aniversary of Cattle and Horses coming to Florida and ultimately the North American Continent. 
Great Florida Cattle Drive
Click on the link above for more information, join our email list and “Like” us on Facebook for more information. 

One of my favorite pictures of me. Thank you Gil Williams for your magic.