Happy Valentines Day

This was the Sunrise of our day Sunday. Pre-flight check on Luke. When we start our ride this is one of the ways we help you to know more about horses if you may have not ridden before or if it may have been a while since you have been in the saddle. Love the … Read more

Horseback riding Tampa Florida

I’ve never ridden at Hillsborough River State Park. Shelley booked me to specifically ride here. The first thing to research was to make sure of the parking. We did some bushwhacking on the way out. This meant that when we got back we had literally 8 million burs to remove. I do believe that Shelley … Read more

Basic Mounted Police Training

Smoke and fire and flares and lights and sirens and lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! My truck was in good company. A ring of fire… or two or three. Click here to watch some of the excitement Thank you Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Posse for sponsoring such an incredible training opportunity. Thank you Bill … Read more

Nature Coast Pasco County

Imagine my surprise as I am surfing the Internet and I find 2 of my horses briefly featured on this lovely video. This must’ve been a day that Gil Williams and I went out. Florida Nature Coast has a great website that is very friendly to people who hike, ride bicycles, and also horseback riders. … Read more

Obstacles with Bella

Bella had quite a big day today. I started working with sideline hobbles with her last night. Today was obstacle course practice in Webster Florida at M & M Show Horses. So many obstacles to practice with. Bella started out a bit tense. But when she calms down and thinks she does a fabulous job. … Read more

My Indian name is “Drinks with Horses”

OK, well maybe not. 🙂 I took a video of DI about three years ago. It was at the RO Ranch in Mayo, Florida. Currently to my best knowledge this place is not open, but it has lovely trails and is a great place to come camping with your horse. Gil Williams invited me to … Read more